Career Announcements

Motivated by recent events, I’m pleased to announce that I have completed and filed my dissertation, “The Quest for the Perfect Search Engine: Values, Technical Design, and the Flow of Personal Information in Spheres of Mobility.” All that awaits is the oral defense (please be kind, Siva).

Assuming the defense goes well (/knocking on wood), I’m also thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Information Society Project at Yale Law School as the Microsoft Fellow for the 2007-2008 academic year. While at ISP, I hope to continue to explore the social, cultural, and ethical implications of web search engines, as well as support ISP’s larger efforts in the crucial Access to Knowledge initiative (there is an A2K conference next weekend, for those interested).

Exciting times ahead.


  1. Congratulations! (And well planned – I had hoped to get my dissertation done before the arrival of my bundle of joy but it didn’t work out that way). Congrats on the new post as well – I look forward to seeing your name on influential reports as well as influential blog entries!

  2. Congratulations, this is great news. Yale will be great for collaboration and a good launching pad for future possibilities.

  3. Huzzah and congratulations!


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