Commentary for the "Eagle Eye" DVD

UW-Milwaukee has issued a nice press release regarding my contribution to the DVD bonus material for the action/thriller movie “Eagle Eye,” which features sophisticated surveillance technologies as one of its plot devices.

The closing paragraph pretty much sums up where we are on the project:

At this point, with “Eagle Eye” flying high at the box office, Zimmer isn’t sure when the DVD will come out or how much of his interview will be on the final version. Still, he says, it was a fun experience and an opportunity to educate the public about some of the issues the movie focuses on. ”My hope is that movies like this can raise awareness of the privacy and surveillance implications of new technology, and prompt a dialogue. We need to find ways to benefit from these emerging technologies without threatening the liberties we enjoy.”

I’m hoping to get a stand-alone copy of the interview to distribute for educational purposes. I’ll keep everyone posted….

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