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Washington Post Essay: Mark Zuckerberg’s theory of privacy

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Facebook, and to help commemorate this milestone I wrote an essay for The Washington Post that postulates an early framework of Mark Zuckerberg’s theory of privacy, based on a preliminary analysis of the data contained in The Zuckerberg Files archive. Here are the three principles I discuss: Information […]

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Introducing: The Zuckerberg Files

Today, after months of hard work by many hands, I’m happy to announce the launch of The Zuckerberg Files, a digital archive of all public utterances of Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Over 100 full-text transcripts and nearly 50 video files are available for researchers to download, analyze, and scrutinize. What is The Zuckergberg Files? […]

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Ohio State University Library Colloquium: “Is Library User Privacy still Paramount in the 2.0 Era?”

I’ve been invited by the Ohio State University Libraries to contribute to an ongoing campus-wide series of Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society (COMPAS). This year’s theme is “Public/Private“, and I will be presenting today on the topic  “Is Library User Privacy still Paramount in the 2.0 Era?”. Abstract and slides are below. Traditionally, the context […]

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Loyola Digital Ethics presentation: “The Ethics of Twitter Research: A Topology of Disciplines, Methods and Ethics Review Boards”

Today I have the great privilege of presenting the preliminary results of a research project exploring the ethics of Twitter-based research, co-authored with Nick Proferes, at the second annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics, hosted by the Center for Digital Ethics & Policy at Loyola University Chicago. The abstract and slides are available below. Look […]

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Thoughts on Privacy and the Use of Facebook to Recruit Research Subjects

Recently, I was approached by a team of researchers concerned with the research ethics issues related to using Facebook to recruit human subjects. Specifically, the team was planning to use Facebook advertisements in order to target certain users for a research study evaluating the effectiveness of a particular educational strategy aimed at decreasing the occurrence […]

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ICA 2012: Researching Social Media: Ethical and Methodological Challenges

I’m currently in Phoenix, AZ for the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, participating on an important panel on “Researching Social Media: Ethical and Methodological Challenges“, organized by Anders Olof Larsson (Uppsala) and Hallvard Moe (Bergen). The panel is listed under the Communication and Technology division of ICA, but has implications well beyond that […]

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How to Adjust your Facebook Privacy Settings – 2012 Edition

The 2012 edition of Choose Privacy Week, the annual initiative of the American Library Association that invites the public into a national conversation about privacy rights in a digital age, is wrapping up (and don’t miss our special screening of the short documentary film “Big Brother, Big Business: The Data-Mining and Surveillance Industries” tomorrow at […]

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Are Ex-Friend's Activities Visible in Facebook's Feed and Ticker?

Recently I noticed what appears to be some kind of bug — and potentially major privacy concern — on Facebook’s feed and ticker features. Let me explain the scenario: For a moderate amount of time, I had been a “friend” with someone on Facebook, and we appeared to have full visibility of each others activities. […]

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On Drafting a Social Media Policy

Only a few days before the State of Missouri passed a law restricting private contact between students and teachers on social media, I was contact by UW-Milwaukee’s Department of Curriculum & Instruction to help social media guidelines for the student teachers it places in area schools. The department’s motivation was largely to ensure professionalism in […]

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Open Questions Remain in Facebook Censorship Flap

Facebook has provided only a generic comment noting that the gay-kiss image was removed in error. But many unanswered questions remain. Critical questions, indeed, considering the cruel dichotomy of Facebook’s mission to “[Give] people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” and its unquestioned power to control the platform, and thus the conditions under which people are allowed to share.

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