Past Appearances



  • Keynote panel speaker, “The Ethics of Twitter Research: A Topology of Disciplines, Methods and Ethics Review Boards”, 2nd Annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics, Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, Loyola University Chicago, October.
  • Keynote Speaker, “Research, the Cloud, and the IRB”, Sixth Annual Virginia IRB Consortium Conference, Charlottesville, VA, October.
  • Invited Speaker, “Research Ethics in the 2.0 Era: New Challenges for Researchers and IRBs”, University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board Educational Series, Pittsburgh, PA, October.
  • Invited Speaker, “Internet Ethics Issues and Action in the United States”, International Symposium on Internet Ethics, Korean Internet Security Agency, Seoul, South Korea, September.
  • Paper Presentation, “Perspectives on Youth & Privacy”, American Library Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, June.
  • Invited Speaker, “The Ethical (Re)Design of the Google Books Project”, IMLS Current Research Webinar Series, Washington, DC, May. (online)
  • Paper Presentation, “New Media, New Ethics: How Social Media-based Research Demands New Attention to Research Ethics”, International Communication Association, Phoenix, AZ, May.
  • Paper Presentation, “Library Privacy in the ‘2.0’ Era: Avoiding a Faustian Bargain”, Information Ethics Roundtable, Hunter College, New York, NY, April.*
  • Poster Presentation, “Assessing the Treatment of Patron Privacy in Library 2.0 Literature”, iConference, Toronto, Canada, February.









  • Paper Presentation, “The Tensions of Securing Cyberspace.” National Communication Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, November.*
  • Paper Presentation, “The Ideology of Control in Interface Technologies.” MIT-RPI-Cornell STS Graduate Student Conference, Troy, NY, February. (notes)
* indicates refereed formal paper for academic audience