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NY Times: “Big Data on Campus”

The New York Times, in collaboration with the Chronicle of Higher Education, has published an excellent article by Marc Parry on “Big Data on Campus: Colleges Awakening to the Opportunity of Data Mining“. The article highlights the growing trend of colleges and universities of “advising by algorithm,” a Netflix-style approach to mining students’ past academic […]

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NY Times on Online Data Collection and Sharing

Speaking of the need to better educate consumers about digital privacy concerns, today’s New York Times features two articles that shed light on two widespread online data collection practices. The article “Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers” notes that RealAge, a popular online quiz meant to determine ones “real age” based how […]

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How to Share without Spilling the Beans: Towards Privacy-Preserving Data Mining

MIT Technology Review has a brief article highlighting recent research activities in achieving protocols to enable privacy-preserving data mining. The article’s focus is a paper by Andrew Lindell, which he recently presented at Black Hat. From the article: Lindell is one of a community of researchers studying ways to share this sort of information without […]

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Maltego: Data-Mining Tool for the Masses

Information is leverage. Information is power. Information is Maltego. These are the catch-phrases for a South African company that recently released an affordable, user-friendly data mining tool called Maltego, bringing powerful data-mining technology to the masses. While targeted mostly to forensics and information security professionals, it is not hard to see how such a tool […]

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Clintons in Relationship with Privacy-Violating Info Broker

Hillary Clinton has been touted as the “privacy candidate” for the 2008 Presidential elections, which is certainly a good reason to consider voting for her (not my sole criterion, but one of the top 5). This recent NY Times story, however, casts a cloud over any claim she might be able to make as an […]

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NYT Discovers Data-Mining

For some odd reason, the New York Times has an article declaring that data-mining has now gone mainstream: …a wave of sophisticated computing and mathematical analytics that is moving into the mainstream. Fueling the trend are the digitization of information, ever faster and cheaper computing, and the explosion of online networks and data collection. Sorry, […]

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Airline Passenger Profiling for Profit

Bruce Schneier discusses an article (subscription required) about a start-up company called Jetera, who plans to combine people’s flight data with their financial & credit data in order to create in-flight personalization as well as pre- and post-flight mailings and other personalized services: Jetera would start with an airline’s information on individual passengers on board […]

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I want my Google Data Privacy

Gene at Fred’s House sounds like one of the multitude who are beginning to embrace the “Google lifestyle”: I look around my desktop and I see Google Reader, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Toolbar, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google News, Google Analytics, Google Earth, and of course Google Google. Google WiFi was a pleasant surprise […]

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Volokh Conspiracy: Data-Mining and the Fourth Amendment

The Volokh Conspiracy reports on a Sixth Circuit decision in a Fourth Amendment case that addresses whether querying a database triggers Fourth Amendment protection. The majority concludedthat it does not: If the government collected the data in the database in compliance with the Fourth Amendment, analyzing that data does not implicate the Fourth Amendment. I […]

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Opting Out of Online Data Vendors

The Privacy Rights Clearninghouse provides a very useful list of online data vendors along with URLs and instructions to remove your information from their databases.

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