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New Attention to Locational Privacy Threats

Recently, the EFF released a report named “On Locational Privacy, and How to Avoid Losing it Forever“, introducing some of the basic threats to locational privacy: Over the next decade, systems which create and store digital records of people’s movements through public space will be woven inextricably into the fabric of everyday life. We are […]

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New book: Contours of Privacy

I few years ago I presented a paper at the “Countours of Privacy: Social, Psychological and Normative Perspectives” conference in Ottawa, sponsored by Members of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada research group and their “On the Identity Trail: Understanding the Importance and Impact of Anonymity and Authentication in a Networked Society” research project.

I’m thrilled to announce that, after a peer review process and the hard work of David Matheson, a collection of papers from this conference has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in an edited volume, “Contours of Privacy”.

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Popular Mechanics on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Popular Mechanics‘ “buzzword” this week is Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications technologies, touting its safety benefits, open DSRC communication protocol, low cost to implement, and commitment by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to integrate similar technologies into roadway infrastructure (allowing Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication). The brief article notes “There will probably also be privacy concerns.” Yep, and you can […]

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Another Court Ruling on GPS Tracking without Warrant

Two years ago I blogged about a very chilling precedent from an upstate New York federal judge who ruled that police can secretly attach Global Positioning System (GPS) devices to a suspect’s vehicle without a warrant, stating that suspects had “no expectation of privacy in the whereabouts of his vehicle on a public roadway.” Seems […]

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New rule: Car buyers must be told about 'black boxes'

As a follow-up to this long ago posting, the National Highway Traffic Safety Asministration has passed a resolution requiring car manufacturers to inform buyers if their cars are equipped with event data recorders (EDRs). Car manufacturers must comply with the new regulation beginning in the 2011 model year; currently, about 64 percent of model year […]

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More Amateur Surveillance: License Plate Scanning

We’ve seem to have recently turned a corner where advanced surveillance & data mining technologies are now increasingly marketed to everyday people. Wired News reports on a new vehicle license plate scanning and tracking that is being pitched to more than just law enforcement needs: Bucholz, who designed some of the first mobile license plate […]

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Driving may put toll on privacy

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution features a nice article that pieces together many of the privacy concerns with new transportation technologies – a central focus of much of my research. The article notes the desire to use GPS to track vehicle movements to facilitate assessing mileage taxes, vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies to improve safety and the already ubiquitous […]

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NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a Science & Society Dissertation Improvement Grant from the Division of Social and Economic Sciences of the National Science Foundation. This grant will support my dissertation research of the value implications of two emerging technologies of everyday life: networked vehicle systems and web search engines. […]

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Spatial Data Privacy and the Law

The geospatial technology magazine, Directions Magazine, has an interesting article noting the growing privacy concerns facing the spatial technology industry, and the lack of legal guidance as to how the industry should protect a person’s personally identifiable spatial (PIS) data. Their conclusion: Although there is little direct guidance as to how spatial companies should deal […]

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Surveillance, Privacy and the Ethics of Vehicle Safety Communication Technologies

For those readers interested in the intersections between privacy in public, locational privacy, contextual integrity, and vehicle technologies, my article “Surveillance, Privacy and the Ethics of Vehicle Safety Communication Technologies” has been published in the journal Ethics and Information Technology (you likely will need institutional access to view the article). Here is the abstract: Recent […]

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